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    ExpatCareers.com is more than just a job site. We continue to expand our reach and provide supporting services to our users.

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    Social networking with a flare. ExpatFriends.com assists users with meeting friends, language partners, penpals and to build relationships with those from all walks of life.

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    Making that big move doesn't always mean making sacrifices. ExpatMall.com will aim to provide an enjoyable shopping experience no matter where you may be based at the time.

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The premier expatriate and international job site. Search and browse for jobs abroad. Find work or recruit the ideal candidate. Read more..


ExpatFriends.com is a global network, reaching out and connecting expats from all over the world. The ExpatFriends.com Global Network includes over 3 million members from over 200 countries. Read more..


ExpatMall.com is still in its infant stages of conceptualization but once launched will allow you to find those hard to find products no matter where you are in the world.

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Expat Corporation is the parent company of ExpatCareers.com, ExpatFriends.com and ExpatMall.com.

We continue to expand our reach and develop leading online products to support the expatriate community. Read more...

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